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Business Management

IPF Services

Business Management

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IPF can act as a virtual Finance/Commercial Director for existing and new businesses, with the objective of providing an operational overview of the key practical and legal aspects needed to consider when running a successful company.

Active Monitoring of Your Business

To ensure the achievement of agreed objectives IPF will manage the process from preparation through to conclusion and success measurement.

  • Construct your 30 second statement
  • Research in writing your Business Plan
  • Formulation of your Business Plan
  • Selling and presenting your Business Plan
  • Forecasting initial and future performance
  • Cash Flow management
  • Pricing strategy
  • Marketing Mix and the selling process
  • Legal formalities
  • Business Admin - refer to Finance & Tax Page
  • Tax - refer to Finance & Tax Page
  • Managing growth/Employing staff
  • Keeping an eye on things
  • IT/Web design - expert advice available on request
  • Insurance/Investments/Pensions - expert
    advice available on request